About Me

Thanks for wanting to find out more about me!

In brief, I'm Ian Price, an experienced motorsport writer and journalist based in North Wales in the UK.

My motorsport passion has been with me since I was young.

I used to love watching touring cars and rallying, amongst others.

Since then my passion has led me to follow some amazing series around the world, at all levels.

My formal background is in software, but my desire to work with motorsport prevailed and I began to write for a variety of motorsport websites to gain experience, doing what I loved.

From there I gained a journalism qualification to formalise my skills as a freelance motorsport journalist.

As well as writing articles in a journalism role, I have worked with some amazing drivers, teams and businesses around the world on copywriting and public relations work, including press releases.

You may have noticed that I love motorsport, and love writing about it and speaking to people about it, so if you have a project you think I can help out with, please get in touch.

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